DU Wenze Feeling Comfortable

Not afraid! Du Wenze does not change his position, saying that “the vote for the KMT, is Taiwan for Hong Kong!” – ud United News


  1. Not afraid! Du Wenze did not change his job and said that the vote for the Kuomintang, Taiwan will change to Hong Kong!
  2. Was blocked by China for 5 years! Black Wenze fired again “votes for the Kuomintang Taiwan to change Hong Kong” Apple Daily
  3. Du Wenze weighs that Hong Kong uses the Taiwan from the mirror to vote for the Kuomintang and Taiwan switch to Hong Kong.
  4. The work of supporting the student movement was hampered by the land. Wenze Du: Vote for the Kuomintang, Taiwan to Hong Kong! NewsTVBS News Network TVBS News
  5. Du Wenze fired: the vote for the Kuomintang, Taiwan changed to Hong Kong! “I didn’t become an artist after 2014” ETtoday News Cloud
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